KnowMore practice documents & videos

Here you can find presentations of projects we do and what results are expected. The documents are prepared by members of our team to make it easier for you to pass the test and maintain a good rating on the platform.
Additionally we have listed a few different YouTube videos that we believe might be helpful to improve your PowerPoint skills.

Explore our own training materials

Design the KnowMore Way
Learn what KnowMore considers as the basics of good PowerPoint design
What NOT to DO on KnowMore Platform
This video introduces the most common mistakes an aspiring PowerPoint designer can make on slide deck. Watch it attentively to learn what admins always keep an eye out for!
Project types
Learn more about the different project types you could encounter on KnowMore platform. There are significant differences between brush-ups and visual enhancements
KnowMore terminology
In order to communicate effectively, we need to understand each other. Therefore check our video about the terminology we use at KnowMore!
Understanding Guidelines
Guidelines are the bread and butter of designing good slides for our clients. Watch this in depth video of how admins make them, use them and double check the work against them to boost your design skills!
Slide frame
Learn about what is slide frame and how to follow the slide frame correctly
Alignment and distribution​
Find out how to align and distribute shapes with Powerpoint tools and learn what tips and tricks we use at Knowmore.​
Fonts sizes, space optimisation and spacing
Find out about the different aspects and difficulties that can come up regarding fonts in a project and learn what steps you can take to solve them!
Styles and formatting of clients' boxes
Are you uncertain about how to format the boxes correctly and what kind of box style to use? Then learn about this topic by watching this video!​
Color usage​
Find out more about how to apply guideline colors and how to avoid the most common color usage mistakes​
Good Icon Usage
Learn more about how to choose the correct icon format, style and match icon well to the text meaning
Visual Enhancement​​
Learn more about visual enhancement, inspiration feature and common mistakes​​
Brush-up Tasks
Learn what is a standard Brush-up task and how to work on this type of project.
Recreation Tasks
Learn what is Recreation task and how to work on this type of project.
Quick Quality Assurance Tasks
Learn what is Quick Quality Assurance task and how to work on this type of project.
Design slides according to content
Learn how to design slides beautifully but also in a way that supports the content of the slide.
How to build creative slides
Build creative slides efficiently and according to KnowMore standards and principles.
How to assess if you should apply for a project?
Learn how to assess correctly if you should apply for a project on the KnowMore platform.
Technical requirements on the KnowMore platform
Learn more about our Technical requirements for the work on the KnowMore platform.
Learn how to work with timelines and check them correctly.
Are you not sure how to check if you have a font installed on your computer? ​ Or you don´t know how to install a font? ​We covered all of this in our short font video!​
Communication with admins​
Communication is the key! Learn more about the best practices in communication with our admins.​
Change of admins
Learn about how the admins change works, and how to help make this part of the projects smoother, both for you and the admins.


Avoid common mistakes picture
Avoid common mistakes
A simple checklist to avoid common mistakes
Design the Knowmore way picture
Design the Knowmore way
This presentation introduces the standard design guidelines used to judge the PowerPoint test - a must read for potential specialists
The NO-GO checklist picture
The NO-GO checklist
This presentation introduces a long list of design mistakes that you should avoid in order to pass the PowerPoint test
Understanding guidelines​ picture
Understanding guidelines​
Learn why guidelines are important and see examples of how guidelines look like
Understanding projects picture
Understanding projects
This document describes how projects are executed on the platform, who are in involved and the focus of the specialist
Before and after example slides​ picture
Before and after example slides​
See examples of clients´ input slides and how would the successful result look like​
How to earn more money picture
How to earn more money
This document describes what it takes to be successful on the platform, get higher ratings and earn more money
Project types picture
Project types
This document details the main project types conducted on the platform: Brush-up and Visual enhancement
Change of admins picture
Change of admins
Learn about how the admins change works, and how to help make this part of the projects smoother, both for you and the admins.


Re-create a slide
How to Recreate a slide, using pictures, Icons and transparency.
Re-create a slide
How to Recreate a slide, using pictures, Icons and Font types, positioning, etc.
Animate awesome quote
See how to create an animation and a nice-looking quote
Animate Video background
See how to create a video background and hyperlinks.
Create Custom Column Charts
In this video you will learn how to create custom column charts in PPT
Customize PowerPoint Template
In this video you will learn How to Customize PowerPoint Template
Adaptive Background Effect in PowerPoint
Learn how to adapt PowerPoint slide background colors to a photo
Vector Images
Learn how to draw a dog or actually anything you want in PowerPoint.
Using Brushes and arrows
See how to use brushes and arrows to visually enhance a presentation.
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