KnowMore practice documents & videos

Here you can find presentations of the kind of projects we do and what results are expected. The documents are prepared by members of our European team to make it easier for you to pass the test and maintain a good rating on the platform
Additionally we have listed a few different YouTube videos that believe might be helpful to improve your PowerPoint skills


Project types picture
Project types
This document details the main project types conducted on the platform: Brush-up and Visual enhancement
Understanding projects picture
Understanding projects
This document describes how projects are executed on the platform, who are in involved and the focus of the specialist
Design the Knowmore way picture
Design the Knowmore way
This presentation introduces the standard design guidelines used to judge the PowerPoint test - a must read for potential specialists
How to earn more money picture
How to earn more money
This document describes what it takes to be successful on the platform, get higher ratings and earn more money
The NO-GO checklist picture
The NO-GO checklist
This presentation introduces a long list of design mistakes that you should avoid in order to pass the PowerPoint test


Re-create a slide
How to Recreate a slide, using pictures, Icons and transparency.
Re-create a slide
How to Recreate a slide, using pictures, Icons and Font types, positioning, etc.
Animate awesome quote
See how to create an animation and a nice-looking quote
Animate Video background
See how to create a video background and hyperlinks.
Create Custom Column Charts
In this video you will learn how to create custom column charts in PPT
Customize PowerPoint Template
In this video you will learn How to Customize PowerPoint Template
Adaptive Background Effect in PowerPoint
Learn how to adapt PowerPoint slide background colors to a photo
Vector Images
Learn how to draw a dog or actually anything you want in PowerPoint.
Using Brushes and arrows
See how to use brushes and arrows to visually enhance a presentation.
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