Freelance PowerPoint Designer Job - is it for you?

The article provides you full information on how to acquire a freelance designer job and how it works. What is more, it will explain what a freelance job is, how to get one and how to get paid. You’ll also get to know the pros and cons of freelancing and how to build your career as one.

If you already know the concept and are looking for a job:

The Basics of Freelance Jobs

The textbook definition of freelance work is as follows: it is work conducted by a  self-employed person offering various kinds of online services. These services can be  PowerPoint Presentations, Excel tasks or Desk Research. Most often the freelance work is conducted from home via the internet. Clients pay the freelancer who operates independently as  his/her own boss and has the opportunity to set his own scopes of services and prices. Unlike a self-standing consultant at a large consultancy, freelancing also requires freelancers to attract clients. Usually, a freelancer also has to handle multiple clients at a time while also bringing in new business.

Some people think freelancing pays poorly. Partly because the first section of the name: “free” can be misinterpreted as related to free work. On the contrary, freelance work can pay much better than a normal salary job. Especially, if you’re extraordinary skilled or can take advantage of salary differences between e.g. Asia and Europe. As is the case with the KnowMore freelance platform, where freelancers can earn more than their employed counterparts. Additionally, freelance work is  flexible and allows you to set your own hours and on projects of your choice.

Now: how to get a Freelance Job?

The process of starting a freelance career is easy. But success can be difficult and depends largely on making good choices. Many freelance platforms compete so how do you know what is right for you and your skill set? Here is a brief introduction:

It seems quite clear then that what matters a lot is making the right choices and think in a long-term perspective. One of the important choices is the right choice for a freelance platform you want to be a part of. When looking for a freelance PowerPoint design job, you should definitely look into few basic factors:  if the platform is easy to use, is there support from project managers provided and if it is easy to get a project. We believe that the KnowMore platform is all three of them, because our platform is created according to freelancers suggestions, our admins reply within 3 minutes (on average) and there is not pitching for projects at all.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Jobs

As with any other kind of job, freelance work has both  advantages and disadvantages . To give you our perspective, below you can see a compact list of the main drivers of success in freelance work. We hope these points can help you find the right platform.

The advantage of freelance work:

Disadvantages of a freelance work:

However, the biggest disadvantages are low payment, wasted time of applying for projects you did not win, changing clients and unprofessional counterparts. On the most common freelance platforms, the substantial number of suppliers compared the number of projects has resulted in these negative circumstances.

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A freelance Job with KnowMore provides a fixed pay

When you work on the  KnowMore Platform, our team guarantees a fixed hourly pay. For us, it is important that you focus on providing high-quality product on time and not on how cheaply you can deliver. We provide a fixed payment per hour without any  hidden extras and you will receive your money every month, on time.

Freelance Jobs on KnowMore do not require a project application

The main principle of working with KnowMore is for it to be simple for you as a freelancer. Freelance PowerPoint designer jobs on the KnowMore freelance platform  do not require project application. When a new project is uploaded, the KnowMore admins inform all freelancers with the proper qualifications via E-Mail and SMS, and you simply click apply. No pitching.  You can focus on your daily tasks and we will let you know when a client sends in a project that matches your skills.

Freelance work with KnowMore is conducted with a professional counterpart

When working on the KnowMore platform you always work directly with our professional team in Copenhagen. You never have to deal with the end-customers. It means that as a freelance PowerPoint designer you can focus on your work, not on persuading clients or talking with them. You are provided with the best support by our Copenhagen Team. Our team helps you from  07.00 to 23.00 CET and usually responds within few minutes.

As long as you get accepted to a certain project and deliver the agreed-up content at the level to which you are expected you always get paid. The payments are conducted once a month and are transferred directly via  PayPal . You do not have to worry about clients potentially not accepting your work. You do not have to worry about other concerns usually associated with freelance platforms.

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How does a freelance PowerPoint designer job at the KnowMore platform work?

So now you probably wonder how to apply for a job at the KnowMore freelance platform. Assuming you have the skills and the know-how to work as a freelancer on our platform, just follow the steps below. After going through them you can consider yourself as part the platform.  Find out how the platform works :

  1. Register:Register at the KnowMore web page. The registration process is simple: it requires an e-mail address and a username. When you are registered and meet the technical requirements, you just have to confirm the terms and conditions.
  2. Pass the test:Before you start the 30-minute test, we recommend studying the videos with examples, tips and tricks to get an understanding of what the test is about. You will also get familiar with our expectations of a good freelancer working with us. It will make you well prepared for taking the test. Once you pass, you will be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, to verify your PayPal account and to verify your Skype account. A member of our Copenhagen Team will contact you to give you a personal welcome to the platform.
  3. Execute projects: When the KnowMore admins post projects on the platform, the freelance PowerPoint designers get a notification via E-Mail and SMS. After that, it is the time for you to apply for the project. Who will win the task depends on the performance so far and on the skillset the freelancer can provide. Upcoming questions can be clarified with the Team directly and over the whole working process via chat function or Skype. When you finished the project, send it back to the Copenhagen Team and we will approve it or send it back with some small specific changes.
  4. Payment and Feedback:We will rate your work after each project from 1 to 10 and send you a feedback, so you can improve. You will receive a payment for all completed projects at the end of the month via PayPal. So, you never lose the overview of all pending and former payments completed a task.

Last but not least, it is important that you are working with some technical requirements :

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