All that matters is your talent and the product you deliver

To ensure the quality and professionalism we expect from the freelancers on the platform you need to pass a test and go through an onboarding process before you can start executing projects.
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1 Registration & IQ quiz
The platform is easy to work on, and it starts with registering. Simply put in your email address and make sure you met the technical requirements. Then take a short 5 min IQ quiz to get started
2 Practice
Before you take the test, we encourage you to take some time to practice. We have prepared a full section to make it easier for you to pass the test. It will provide you the basic information about typical tasks at KnowMore and what our clients expect. Moreover, we regularly prepare new information for you in our blog - make sure to check it out
3 Take the test
The result of the test determines whether you may work on the platform. The test will check your abilities in delivering a typical KnowMore project - both for you and the KnowMore team to know what to expect in the future
4 If you pass: Onboarding
Before executing projects, you will be asked to complete an onboarding process. It will for example include the verification of your PayPal account but the most important step is an online interview with a team member from the KnowMore team
5 Execute projects
All projects are posted on the platform. When you see a project you like, apply. No time wasted on bidding, no pitching - on the KnowMore platform you just work and if you do well you will get more projects
6 Get paid
Salary is paid once a month via verified PayPal. If you want to check how much money you have earned you can always check on platform
Are you ready to join the platform?