We are working with PowerPoint design talents and support them from 4 different locations to ensure a smooth experience on our projects at all times!

We are a global freelance platform that empowers PowerPoint designers to earn money while working from home alongside support from our team of project managers. Our teams are based in Denmark, Portugal, Mexico and the Philippines.


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Demand: SlideHub.io
At SlideHub, we provide PowerPoint support whenever it suits the client - no more wasting hours in PowerPoint. Launched in 2016 by a former McKinsey consultant, SlideHub aims to provide frictionless access to top talent around the globe, so companies can focus on the work they do best.
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KnowMore is a trusted online talent platform that empowers freelancers to work on projects that fit their skill set. The headquarters is based in Denmark, but our online specialists are all over the world.


Leading through quality
Through targeted recruitment, ongoing training and competitive remuneration we aim to be the industry leaders
Company vision
KnowMore believes that opportunities in life should be determined by talent, skill set and ethic, effort rather than where you live
On-demand solutions
We want to take advantage of on-demand technology to deliver time-saving services
Leading talents
We are looking for the most talented, high performing and driven specialist from all over the world to join our global talent platform
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Our team is located in 4 different countries to provide our designers with 24 hours support*

Our legal HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, close to the city center of Copenhagen. However, the majority of our team is located in Portugal, Mexico and the Philippines so we can provide our designers with support at all times.

The team consists of project managers, who manage the projects day to day, sales, marketing, business managers, and our tech team which maintains and develops the KnowMore platform.

*Please note that our admins are not available on Sunday between 00:00-08:00 AM CET.

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