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Refer a friend to Knowmore and be rewarded 100 USD!

Tell a friend to join Knowmore and receive a 100 USD bonus!

Getting into the platform is not easy, we know that very well! You were skilled enough to pass the test and that is why we are asking you to refer to us those of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances that you think would thrive and be a success in Knowmore, who are just like you!

Should someone comes to the platform through you, you would be rewarded 100 USD. 

To qualify for the reward, the following points need to be met:

  • Referred persons have not yet been accepted to the platform 
  • They need to reach level 4 
  • You need to give us your referrals details in the form linked
  • personal email 
  • full name 
  • Please add a website link to the person you are referring (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, a portfolio website e.g. Behance, dribbbl, or a personal website, etc. )
  • In case one person is recommended by more than one active specialist, the first specialist who brought them to our attention will get the reward 
  • Last but not least, you need to be active on the platform as well, reaching your average level of activity per month 

Click here and refer a friend!

Please tell us who you think would be a good fit for us!

Are you ready to join the platform?