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Meet the admin - Auguste Paulauskaite

What experience helps you on a daily basis?

My previous experience and passion for visual arts helps me when delivering projects that require creativity. My background in communication and international experience also helps when working with people from all over the world

What do you enjoy the most about the work with the freelancers at the KnowMore platform?

Being able to communicate and work with people from many different cultures, creating something together, and getting excellent feedback from both the freelancers and the clients

What is your greatest challenge as an admin for KM?

Being able to clearly communicate my vision of how the project should look like sometimes can be challenging, especially when the visual standards differ across people

What is the nicest thing another person can do for you?

Give me food, haha 😂 But on a more serious note, just a simple ‘thank you’ and wishing a good day, or a nice feedback after the project is finished, really uplifts me and makes my day better

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